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Amanda Rose is a small-town girl and author from Northeast Iowa. Amanda first discovered her appreciation for culture after hearing her grandmother tell stories of growing up in Germany.

Upon graduating, Amanda found herself studying abroad as a Rotary Foreign Exchange student, where she was inspired by the various accents, languages, and lands she observed. These experiences have shaped her into the author she is today.

Currently, Amanda lives with her husband and two daughters in Marion, Iowa. In her spare time, Amanda enjoys reading, biking, and cheering on the Iowa Hawkeyes.

It's a Wonderful Story

by Amanda Rose

“Oma how did you get from Germany to Iowa?” “Amanda, that is a Wunderbare geschischte!”

When Lydia is sent out for a winter coat, she does what any young woman would do – she chooses fashion over function. Little does she know that this choice will change everything…

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Follow Amanda and her Oma in this true story about how one suit jacket was able to conquer borders and create family in the most unexpected way. A heartwarming story about family, immigration, and love beyond boundaries, It’s A Wonderful Story will show readers that the more we learn from each other, the more we can appreciate and celebrate our differences.

Like Oma Lydia says, “Anna and I weren’t much different at all, only the places we called home were different.”

``Think of people and how they're going to be inspired by your work``

– Frank Gehry
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